15 min Free Consultation

15 min Free Consultation

We Must all suffer one of two things, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret…

-Jim Rohn

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The Fitness Experience

The Fitness Experience

Check out our totally rad 80’s B-Movie style video & see what Re-Defining the Fitness Experience can mean for you!
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Gina has helped me accomplish goals I never thought I could reach….Read More.”

- Jennifer P. Pickering, On

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Meet Gina

She is a certified professional who will educate, motivate and keep you accountable. If you are new to exercise or having trouble staying fit, you need a personal trainer. Her goal is to get you exercising regularly and obtain the results you want.
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    Gina Veri

    CPR/First Aid, CFP, CFC, PTS, Sp. Hons B.Sc Kine

    About Gina Veri

    Gina has helped hundreds of people reach their goals for over 10 years and has training and experience working with special populations such as: Older adults, mentally challenged, severely obese and body builders (Both male and female). Gina also has an exceptional record of helping many people lose/gain weight  and stay in shape for both physical and health benefits. Her enthusiasm and energy are electric; she is an incredible motivator and can make even the most critical of people love fitness.  [···]

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Fun filled classes

Whether you are looking to sweat it out or just have some me time, our fun filled diverse classes will be here to keep you on track with your goals, foster friendships or be a fun and healthy girl's night out! Join one of our fun and fabulous classes today!
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    VeriGood Fitness has changed my life for the better

    Leslie M, stay at home mother of 2

    Gina has pushed me to a new level. Without her, I never would have reached my goals of losing 100 pounds and finally not having the feeling of my weight holding me back. Her energy and enthusiasm keeps me motivated even when I don’t want to do it anymore. It is perfect to have such a knowledgeable and caring trainer who comes to your home without judgement and genuinely wants to see you succeed. Gyms were not for me, with my hectic schedule and feelings of insecurity, when Gina came into my life it was at the perfect time and I’ve loved every minute! I recommend Gina to anyone!

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    The best trainer I have ever found!

    Anna D., Executive and mother of 2

    I would highly recommend Gina as a personal trainer any day. She takes the time to listen to your personal goals and objectives when it comes to physical fitness and nutrition. She puts a plan together for you that fits your requirements. She’s extremely knowledgeable and keeps the training fun and challenging. I’m always amazed at how she can motivate me to stay focused and follows up with personal messages daily to ensure I’m maintaining my goals!

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    Something I have should have done sooner!

    Maggie Po., Insurance agent, tough cookie

    I had been holding back on hiring a personal trainer, but when I finally began training with Gina, I realized this was something I should have done sooner. I get bored easily, so going to the gym was always a chore for me. Gina finds creative ways to keep me motivated and interested in the routines I do. In the short time that I have been training with her, I have increased my strength and endurance substantially. Gina is tough yet loving. She will push you beyond what you think you’re capable of; but if she feels like you can’t handle it, she’ll assist you in completing the work out, or changing it to your fitness level. If you’re looking to lose weight or get in shape while having some fun, then I would definitely recommend Gina. I don’t think there’s anyone else out there that is as commited and caring as this amazing girl. Keep it up Gina!

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    I’m now in the best shape of my life

    Max D., Fitness Freak, Entreprenuer

    Max, after losing 50 lbs! Gina is an inspiration and a great motivator! Without her consistency I never would have reached my goals. She helped me to lose 50 lbs with her one-on-one training, nutrition plan and constant follow-ups. Her newsletters really made me think twice about what I put in my mouth and how it affects my body. Gina’s motivating attitude and constant positivity made me look forward to seeing her every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have had other personal trainers before and they did not come close to Gina’s creativity and innovative techniques. I would recommend Gina to everyone!

  • Testimonial

    Looked amazing for my wedding!

    Christine Ferguson, Busy Beautiful Bride and Mother of 1

    Things have been wonderful since I started working out with Gina. I can really notice a difference in my body and my clothes fit better too. The workouts are different each time, which is great for me and keeps me motivated. I started working out with Gina prior to my wedding and she has helped me achieve my fitness goals and also helped me to look my best on my wedding day, which was very important to me. I have continued to train with Gina after the wedding and will continue to in the future. Not only is my body looking better, I am definitely feeling healthier on the inside as well and have more energy. I highly recommend Gina as a personal trainer. She is a skilled trainer and is highly motivating, which is something that I personally need as sometimes everyday work and life can get very stressful. Thank you Gina for all your encouraging words and for all the little pushed you give to get me through those crazy squats you make me do.

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    Not your typical, boring workouts!

    Catherine Friel, Stay at home mother of 2

    Gina is a motivator! She keeps you going even when you don’t want to. She knows when to push you and when to give you a break. She is always teaching me about the latest in nutrition and gives me up-to-date information about events or hot topics in fitness. She is very knowledgeable and loves what she does…and it shows. Her daily reminders to get up and get moving are the least she will do for you. The best part about Gina is she will make you sweat more than you ever have in a gym and she does it with minimal or no equipment. I feel better than I ever have and it’s all thanks to Gina. I would recommend Gina to anyone!

  • Testimonial

    Sweat sweat everywhere!

    Jenn Del Rizzo, Mompreneur and mother of 3 gorgeous girls

    I have been working out with Gina Veri for a year now and am very pleased with the results. Gina takes the time to get to know her clients and their goals. I am more fit now than I have been in years and it’s all thanks to the time I’ve spent working out with Gina. Gina is well educated in the area of physical fitness and clearly enjoys what she does. What’s great about working with a home studio personal trainer is that you can have an excellent, varied workout on a regular basis without having other people watch you or gym memberships. In addition to the training aspect, Gina stays current on the latest on nutrition and offers advice to help with your goals. She’ll push you when you need to be pushed but always with a smile!

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